Month: September 2017

Advantage but because people love the brand and the minute you lose that distribution advantage that surplus profit goes away so you’ve been able to see the three price premium but you’ve incorrectly attributed it to the brand rather than another asset within the business so yeah that.

How To Win Friends And Influence People with Valuation

The-the financial analysis is still crucial but it’s that better visibility probably that better understanding of what’s driving what’s causing there’s that financial performance okay we don’t want this to be a chat between two min I so anybody else yes you had a question yes now ‘m sort of waving hoping.


That more people would get up and ask question property valuer certification but yes since you’ve admitted to it so let’shave you at the my king okay so the question I have them is in terms of your case studies are there any case studies that you have in the publishing spaces there are actually the first one that comes to mind in in the publishing space is it’s a fairly unusual situation would have thought about IP evaluation but.

Simple Steps To An Effective Valuation Strategy

It was actually in the family court in Australia to do with a divorce basically and the one partner you know former partner in this marriage was very kind of well-known celebrity and had she had various publications and cookbooks and things like that and this was obviously putting a value on that IP was part of the part of the settlement the interesting thing is he, forensic accountants, on.

The two sides had sort of thought there Wasnt really much IP because they thought oh this is all just goodwill to do with this celebrities you know her own reputation but she had trademarks um you know in a number of product categories there was already a catalogue of published material so they clearly was intellectual property and that need.

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