10 Brilliant Ways To Advertise House Valuation.

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7 Great Lessons You Can Learn From House Valuation.

Which are the locals which are prizes that locals we want to pay don’t go and buy those properties the prices are not attractive to the locals all right there’s a reason why all these properties you know get a lot of advertisement get a lot of where they advertise them outside Australia to all these parents might have pay for new city education and now they’re going to pay for but attract attracting them to pay for student accommodation I think about that so.


This message is especially directed to those parents who have permanent residence visa in Australia but are not so familiar with the situation thank you very much good night started by asking you a question andI’m interested how many of you actually have a business name if you’ve got your own business how many of you’ve got to be okay most of you’ve got to be the same register how many of you actually have.

A website thought about creating website as part of a business that you may want to have the pager okay again most of the you have website pretty easy prescribed things that you all think about how many of you actually have thought about registering a trademark how many of you have a registered trademark, okay always comes down so you’ve got the website you’ve got the business but not everybody who actually has.

ow, To Get People To Like House Valuation.

A trademark and what about a registered design have commercial property valuation you even heard about registered designs before okay so no one he has registered design and your presumably in the fashion industry, okay right that’s very interesting that’s exactly the sort of answers that I tend to get around the place when I when I present people know a lot of things about how to set up with the success question

Business but then they do know how to actually protect it once the set it up so I wanted to give you a hypothetical situation to sort of to introduce the issue what would happen if you’ve.